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Social Impact

Casa Escolar Peru is the name of the project of our partner foundation “Fundación Oli”, which we will support with 5% of the proceeds from our first collection. 

Children of Huaco, a village located at an altitude of 4200 metres above sea level in the high mountain region in Peru, must walk many hours on foot and sometimes under low temperatures, to reach their school.

Since the route the children must take to reach the school is unacceptably tough, the parents began to construct improvised sleeping facilities, for the children to use during the week, in the classrooms. However, very few children can currently benefit from this. Most of them must still take this long and dangerous journey and for this reason, often miss lessons or cannot attend school at all.

This is an initiative aimed at improving the living- and learning conditions for children from low-income families and at achieving socio-economic improvement for families in the high Andean regions of Peru.

The school should become a second home for the children. Where they should feel safe, warm and comfortable. Construction is planned to begin in April 2022 and should be completed in 2023.

Our goal is:

  • to provide an infrastructure, which will allow 60 children access to school classes while providing 40 of them with places to sleep
  • to guarantee a warm and safe space for the children
  • to renovate classrooms
  • to build spaces for play 
  • to build a workshop, library and playgrounds 

Although we are still at the beginning of our journey, we are already proud of the changes we will achieve with you. Every step towards a better future motivates us to keep going.

We would love to not only design a durable and high-quality product, but also to make a difference. Our mission is to create a positive social impact. 

The exciting thing is that our journey has only just begun.

We strive to be more than just a jewellery brand. Not everyone in the world has a chance or the opportunity to enjoy the kind of education we have here.

A major motivation in the founding of IRIS Collection was to do something good for society.

Be a part of this beautiful initiative and let us build a better future for these children together.