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Ava BangleAva Bangle
Ava Bangle Sale price42.00 CHF
Snake BraceletSnake Bracelet
Snake Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Dreamy BraceletDreamy Bracelet
Dreamy Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Rope BraceletRope Bracelet
Rope Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Delight BangleDelight Bangle
Delight Bangle Sale price42.00 CHF
Sold outPure Bangle GoldPure Bangle Gold
Pure Bangle Gold Sale price42.00 CHF
Sold outPure Bangle SilverPure Bangle Silver
Pure Bangle Silver Sale price42.00 CHF
Brilliant BraceletBrilliant Bracelet
Brilliant Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Lucky Leaf BraceletLucky Leaf Bracelet
Lucky Leaf Bracelet Sale price42.00 CHF
Eva BraceletEva Bracelet
Eva Bracelet Sale price37.00 CHF
Save 38%Cleopatra BraceletCleopatra Bracelet
Cleopatra Bracelet Sale price24.00 CHF Regular price39.00 CHF
Belle BraceletBelle Bracelet
Belle Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
IRIS Pearl BraceletIRIS Pearl Bracelet
IRIS Pearl Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Destiny BraceletDestiny Bracelet
Destiny Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Gold and Pearl BangleGold and Pearl Bangle
Gold and Pearl Bangle Sale price42.00 CHF
Sold outBig Rolo BraceletBig Rolo Bracelet
Big Rolo Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Luxe Serpent BraceletLuxe Serpent Bracelet
Luxe Serpent Bracelet Sale price44.00 CHF
Radiant Heart BraceletRadiant Heart Bracelet
Radiant Heart Bracelet Sale price42.00 CHF
Floral Charm BraceletFloral Charm Bracelet
Floral Charm Bracelet Sale price42.00 CHF
Timeless Pearl SetTimeless Pearl Set
Timeless Pearl Set Sale price89.00 CHF
Harmony BangleHarmony Bangle
Harmony Bangle Sale price44.00 CHF
Crystal CuffCrystal Cuff
Crystal Cuff Sale price42.00 CHF
Avenue BangleAvenue Bangle
Avenue Bangle Sale price42.00 CHF
Ivory Delight BraceletIvory Delight Bracelet
Ivory Delight Bracelet Sale price42.00 CHF
Golden Ivory BraceletGolden Ivory Bracelet
Golden Ivory Bracelet Sale price44.00 CHF
Dream BraceletDream Bracelet
Dream Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Timeless Pearl BraceletTimeless Pearl Bracelet
Timeless Pearl Bracelet Sale price49.00 CHF

Every purchase supports the construction of a primary school in Peru