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Flourish EarringsFlourish Earrings
Flourish Earrings Sale price39.00 CHF
Bella EarringsBella Earrings
Bella Earrings Sale price39.00 CHF
Destiny BraceletDestiny Bracelet
Destiny Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Ava BangleAva Bangle
Ava Bangle Sale price42.00 CHF
Classic Muse NecklaceClassic Muse Necklace
Classic Muse Necklace Sale price42.00 CHF
IRIS Pearl HoopsIRIS Pearl Hoops
IRIS Pearl Hoops Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outClean RingClean Ring
Clean Ring Sale price39.00 CHF
Sky RingSky Ring
Sky Ring Sale price37.00 CHF
Eva BraceletEva Bracelet
Eva Bracelet Sale price37.00 CHF
Eva NecklaceEva Necklace
Eva Necklace Sale price39.00 CHF
Belle BraceletBelle Bracelet
Belle Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Blair ringBlair ring
Blair ring Sale price39.00 CHF
Hailey Earrings GoldHailey Earrings Gold
Hailey Earrings Gold Sale price44.00 CHF
Gold and Pearl BangleGold and Pearl Bangle
Gold and Pearl Bangle Sale price42.00 CHF
Honey Hoops MediumHoney Hoops Medium
Honey Hoops Medium Sale price39.00 CHF
Chic EarringsChic Earrings
Chic Earrings Sale price42.00 CHF
Brilliant BraceletBrilliant Bracelet
Brilliant Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outPure Bangle SilverPure Bangle Silver
Pure Bangle Silver Sale price42.00 CHF
Golden Glamor EarringsGolden Glamor Earrings
Golden Glamor Earrings Sale price39.00 CHF
Madison Earrings GoldMadison Earrings Gold
Madison Earrings Gold Sale price42.00 CHF
Pure ringPure ring
Pure ring Sale price39.00 CHF
Snake Ring SilverSnake Ring Silver
Snake Ring Silver Sale price39.00 CHF
Rio NecklaceRio Necklace
Rio Necklace Sale price42.00 CHF
Tokyo Earrings GoldTokyo Earrings Gold
Tokyo Earrings Gold Sale price43.00 CHF
Chunky Hoops GoldChunky Hoops Gold
Chunky Hoops Gold Sale price42.00 CHF
Cairo Earrings SilverCairo Earrings Silver
Cairo Earrings Silver Sale price42.00 CHF
Majestic Ring GoldMajestic Ring Gold
Majestic Ring Gold Sale price42.00 CHF
Posh Ring GoldPosh Ring Gold
Posh Ring Gold Sale price42.00 CHF
Love NecklaceLove Necklace
Love Necklace Sale price42.00 CHF
Admiration HoopsAdmiration Hoops
Admiration Hoops Sale price44.00 CHF
Ivory Leaf NecklaceIvory Leaf Necklace
Ivory Leaf Necklace Sale price45.00 CHF
Snake BraceletSnake Bracelet
Snake Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outAura AnkletAura Anklet
Aura Anklet Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outPure Bangle GoldPure Bangle Gold
Pure Bangle Gold Sale price42.00 CHF
Cairo Earrings GoldCairo Earrings Gold
Cairo Earrings Gold Sale price42.00 CHF
Royalty Ring SilverRoyalty Ring Silver
Royalty Ring Silver Sale price42.00 CHF
Classy Hoops LargeClassy Hoops Large
Classy Hoops Large Sale price42.00 CHF
Belle NecklaceBelle Necklace
Belle Necklace Sale price39.00 CHF
Love Ring
Love Ring Sale price37.00 CHF
Glossy Pearl NecklaceGlossy Pearl Necklace
Glossy Pearl Necklace Sale price44.00 CHF
Sold outBig Rolo BraceletBig Rolo Bracelet
Big Rolo Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Angel RingAngel Ring
Angel Ring Sale price35.00 CHF
Sunshine ChokerSunshine Choker
Sunshine Choker Sale price44.00 CHF
Suave Ring SilverSuave Ring Silver
Suave Ring Silver Sale price39.00 CHF
Angel Number Necklace 111Angel Number Necklace 111
Angel Number Necklace 111 Sale price36.00 CHF
Breathe Necklace SilverBreathe Necklace Silver
Breathe Necklace Silver Sale price32.00 CHF
Brilliant Hoops LargeBrilliant Hoops Large
Brilliant Hoops Large Sale price39.00 CHF
Brilliant Hoops MediumBrilliant Hoops Medium
Brilliant Hoops Medium Sale price39.00 CHF
Snake Earrings
Snake Earrings Sale price37.00 CHF
Chunky Hoops SilverChunky Hoops Silver
Chunky Hoops Silver Sale price42.00 CHF