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Angel Number Necklace 444Angel Number Necklace 444
Angel Number Necklace 444 Sale price36.00 CHF
Sold outAngel Number Necklace 777
Angel Number Necklace 777 Sale price37.00 CHF
Angel Number Necklace 888Angel Number Necklace 888
Angel Number Necklace 888 Sale price36.00 CHF
Classic Muse NecklaceClassic Muse Necklace
Classic Muse Necklace Sale price42.00 CHF
Circle Charm NecklaceCircle Charm Necklace
Circle Charm Necklace Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outSquare Elegance NecklaceSquare Elegance Necklace
Square Elegance Necklace Sale price36.00 CHF
Breathe Necklace GoldBreathe Necklace Gold
Breathe Necklace Gold Sale price32.00 CHF
Breathe Necklace SilverBreathe Necklace Silver
Breathe Necklace Silver Sale price32.00 CHF
Luxe HoopsLuxe Hoops
Luxe Hoops Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outHailey Earrings GoldHailey Earrings Gold
Hailey Earrings Gold Sale price44.00 CHF
Sold outHailey Earrings SilverHailey Earrings Silver
Hailey Earrings Silver Sale price44.00 CHF
Sold outCircle Charm EarringsCircle Charm Earrings
Circle Charm Earrings Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outAdmiration HoopsAdmiration Hoops
Admiration Hoops Sale price44.00 CHF
Radiant Hoops GoldRadiant Hoops Gold
Radiant Hoops Gold Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outRadiant Hoops SilverRadiant Hoops Silver
Radiant Hoops Silver Sale price39.00 CHF
IRIS Gift Card
IRIS Gift Card Sale priceFrom 50.00 CHF
Diamond Elegance Earrings GoldDiamond Elegance Earrings Gold
Diamond Elegance Earrings Gold Sale price34.00 CHF
Diamond Elegance Earring SilverDiamond Elegance Earring Silver
Brilliant bangleBrilliant bangle
Brilliant bangle Sale price39.00 CHF
Glamor ring
Glamor ring Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outSubtle NecklaceSubtle Necklace
Subtle Necklace Sale price39.00 CHF
Luna braceletLuna bracelet
Luna bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Gold and Pearl BangleGold and Pearl Bangle
Gold and Pearl Bangle Sale price39.00 CHF
Delicate ringDelicate ring
Delicate ring Sale price34.00 CHF
Refined layering bracelet
Refined layering bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Refined Layering NecklaceRefined Layering Necklace
Refined Layering Necklace Sale price39.00 CHF
Golden Sunset NecklaceGolden Sunset Necklace
Golden Sunset Necklace Sale price39.00 CHF
Golden Sunset BraceletGolden Sunset Bracelet
Golden Sunset Bracelet Sale price34.00 CHF
Enchanting earringsEnchanting earrings
Enchanting earrings Sale price37.00 CHF
Golden Glamor EarringsGolden Glamor Earrings
Golden Glamor Earrings Sale price37.00 CHF
Sparkling Dream EarringsSparkling Dream Earrings
Sparkling Dream Earrings Sale price33.00 CHF
Sold outChic EarringsChic Earrings
Chic Earrings Sale price42.00 CHF
Bella braceletBella bracelet
Bella bracelet Sale price34.00 CHF
Sold outLaila EarringsLaila Earrings
Laila Earrings Sale price37.00 CHF
Muse Earrings SilverMuse Earrings Silver
Muse Earrings Silver Sale price36.00 CHF
Sold outBlair ringBlair ring
Blair ring Sale price36.00 CHF
IRIS PackageIRIS Package
IRIS Package Sale priceFrom 50.00 CHF
Lucky Leaf BraceletLucky Leaf Bracelet
Lucky Leaf Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Lucky Leaf StudsLucky Leaf Studs
Lucky Leaf Studs Sale price39.00 CHF
Lucky Leaf NecklaceLucky Leaf Necklace
Lucky Leaf Necklace Sale price45.00 CHF
Ivory Leaf NecklaceIvory Leaf Necklace
Ivory Leaf Necklace Sale price45.00 CHF
Paris bangleParis bangle
Paris bangle Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outAva BangleAva Bangle
Ava Bangle Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outPure Bangle GoldPure Bangle Gold
Pure Bangle Gold Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outPure Bangle SilverPure Bangle Silver
Pure Bangle Silver Sale price39.00 CHF
Double Snake BraceletDouble Snake Bracelet
Double Snake Bracelet Sale price39.00 CHF
Sold outPure ringPure ring
Pure ring Sale price39.00 CHF
Simplicity EarringsSimplicity Earrings
Simplicity Earrings Sale price35.00 CHF
Everyday earringsEveryday earrings
Everyday earrings Sale price39.00 CHF
Effortless earringsEffortless earrings
Effortless earrings Sale price39.00 CHF